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TimeFlow Online

Subscription Plan 
Price per month 
1 Computer and Up to 5 Employees - TF$9.95
Up to 2 Computers and Up to 10 Employees - TF$15.95
Up to 3 Computers and Up to 15 Employees - TF$19.95
Up to 4 Computers and Up to 20 Employees - TF$22.95
Up to 5 Computers and Up to 25 Employees - TF$24.95
Up to 10 Computers and Up to 50 Employees - TF$34.95
Up to 15 Computers and Up to 75 Employees - TF$44.95
Up to 20 Computers and Up to 100 Employees - TF$49.95
Up to 25 Computers and Up to 125 Employees - TF$58.95
Up to 50 Computers and Up to 250 Employees - TF$84.95
Up to 70 Computers and Up to 350 Employees - TF$99.95
Determine Which Monthly Plan Fits Your Needs
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Total number of employees that you will be tracking time for:

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Your Plan
Desktop Plan:  1 Computer and Up to 5 Employees - TF
Subscription Price:  $9.95/month

Total Amount Due:  $19.90 for paying 2 months ahead ($9.95 monthly after)